Please make your selection below (where a heading is not underlined, it means that section/provision has not been the subject of consideration by a Dispute Panel and that therefore there is no documented case law to consult).

Part 1: Interpretation

Part 2: Network Code

Part 3: Conditions Precedent and Duration

Part 4: Standard of Performance

Part 5: Permission to Use

Part 6: Operation and Maintenance of Trains and Network

Part 7: Track Changes

Part 8: Liability

Part 9: Local Outputs-Performance Orders

Part 10: Liability-Other Matters

Part 11: Restrictions on Claims

Part 12: Governing Law

Part 13: Dispute Resolution

Part 14: Confidentiality

Part 15: Assignment

Part 16: Payments, Interest and VAT

Part 17: Force Majeure events

Part 18: Miscellaneous

Part 19: Traditional Matters

Schedule 1: Contract Particulars

Schedule 2: Information to Assist Bidding

Schedule 3: Collateral Agreements

Schedule 4: Variations to Services

Schedule 5: The Services

Schedule 6: Events of Default, Suspension and Termination

Schedule 7: Track Charges

Schedule 8: Performance Regime

Schedule 9: Limitation on Liability

Schedule 10: Network Code Modifications

Schedule 11: CTRL