Please note that the Committee’s contact details have changed. Please see the bottom of the page for details.

The Access Disputes Committee is responsible for the operation of the dispute resolution procedures that form part of all Access Agreements on the national network of Great Britain. Access Agreements, which can relate to Track, to Stations or to Maintenance Depots, define the contractual terms by which Train Operators (and others) can make use of those facilities. All of these contracts stipulate that, where the parties to the contract cannot agree on how it should be interpreted or applied, they must make use of one of a range of specified dispute resolution processes. The arrangements are set out in the Access Dispute Resolution Rules, which are an Annex to the Network Code. This website gives ready access to a directory of practical precedents, together with full copies of the determinations of past hearings and appeals, as well as templates for Notices of Dispute and hearing submissions.

Separate sections of this website deal with Access dispute resolution matters on the High Speed 1 rail link and on the Heathrow Airport Ltd, Core Valley Lines, Crossrail Central Operating Section and Nexus Metro infrastructure. Links to the relevant Network Codes (and ADRR) can be found on the different Infrastructure Manager sections, save for Network Rail’s Network Code and ADRR, which can be found here.

The Committee’s response to the March 2023 Great British Railways Transition Team discussion papers can be found here.

Following abolition of the Rail Industry Disputes Resolution Committee, the Access Disputes Committee holds responsibility for oversight of the CAHA Registrar whilst the Secretary of the Access Disputes Committee is deemed to act also as RIDR Secretary in any circumstances where that may become necessary.

The RIDR Rules have been amended. For the avoidance of doubt, it should be noted that Parties to any dispute under the RIDR Rules should cooperate to make their own arrangements for progressing the matter to mediation or arbitration.

The Access Disputes Committee is administered by a small Secretariat based near Paddington Station, which is also the usual location for any hearings of Timetabling Panels or Access Dispute Adjudications.

The Secretary can be contacted at the following:
Access Disputes Committee
Floor One, Mimet House
5a Praed Street
W2 1NJ
Telephone: 020 8050 3657
Fax: 020 8050 3657
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