Mediation and Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution

Access Disputes Committee has partnered with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) to provide a new mediation scheme which will enhance the offering available under Chapter D of the ADRR, running in parallel with your organisation’s own dispute resolution process and those referred through the Access Disputes Committee.

The Scheme offers access to independent mediators with expertise of rail industry disputes. Some key benefits of mediation especially pertinent to our industry are:

  • With parties in control of the settlement terms a better quality of outcome can be achieved and can often improve ongoing relationships or long term projects.

  • Confidential, informal and flexible – a wide variety of settlement options can be achieved without setting precedents.

  • Mediation has a proven track record of resolving 70% - 85% of disputes on the day of the mediation or shortly thereafter.

  • It is quick – like Timetabling Panels, most mediations can be arranged and concluded within a few weeks.

You can watch CEDR’s MST Training Video on Vimeo now. The password you need to access the video is “cedrmst”.

Should you wish to make use of mediation please contact the ADC Secretary or Moses Akanmu at CEDR ( using “reference ADC” in the subject). The application documents can be found on CEDR’s dedicated ADC webpage.