The Network Code Part L;   Performance

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Part LA: Performance


This Condition, which is provided to supersede Part L, does not contain any provision for disputes to be brought to Access Dispute Resolution in accordance with the Access Dispute Resolution Rules.



Part L:   This condition, which related to the creation of Local Output Commitments, was the subject of a single reference to an Access Dispute Resolution Committee.   The relevant determination, AD40 was appealed to the Office of Rail Regulation, which body largely upheld the findings of the Access Dispute Resolution Committee.   It is considered that the issues addressed in those two determinations were so specific to the workings of a condition to be superseded, together with the then applicable Local Output Criteria issued by the Office of Rail Regulation, that there is no reasonable way to guide the enquirer other than to direct them to the full text of AD40 and the findings of the Office of Rail Regulation.