The[Railtrack] Independent Station Access Conditions (1996 Edition)


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34.        Certificate of Residual Variable Charge and Fixed Costs


Rule, clause or Condition


Date of Hearing

Points made within Determination  (Verbatim extracts given in Italics, or between quotes)



January 1998

4                  The Committee therefore considered whether the staff costs for 1995/6 fell to be apportioned between Qualifying Expenditure and non Qualifying Expenditure. The Committee’s view was that there was a requirement in ISAC(96) 98.1 for such an apportionment of costs to be undertaken.

5.                  Furthermore the Committee opined that the fact that this Condition 98.1 related to costs and not charges, and that ISAC(96) 35 made provision for adjustments for excess or short payments, both implied that the critical apportionment was that which had to be undertaken at the conclusion of the financial year and which underpinned the content of the Certificates supplied in accordance with ISAC(96) 34.1.  (AD14)