The[Railtrack] Independent Station Access Conditions (1996 Edition)


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1 Expenses of Common Station Services and Common Station Amenities


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September 2003

4.   The Committee then addressed the operative definitions in paragraph 1.1 of Annex 2: Qualifying Expenditure of the ISAC.   It noted that the accommodation in question was that needed to provide offices for those Area Support Staff who provided the means by which NRI was able to fulfil certain of its obligations that applied in common to a number of stations.   The salient test was whether the provision of such accommodation “can be properly attributed to the operation of the Station as a railway station”.

5.      The Committee therefore determined that, in principle, the accommodation of staff essential “to the operation of the Station as a railway station” was a legitimate head of expenditure that could be proposed for inclusion in QX, whether those staff were located on the Stations in question, or at some remote location.

6.       For the avoidance of doubt, this determination only relates to the matter of principle as to whether the accommodation for a specific category of staff MAY be included in QX.   Such determination does not address any question of whether a particular figure, either proposed for the future, or raised in the past, meets the criterion for being “costs and expenses reasonably payable or incurred by the Station Facility Owner”.   Any test of reasonableness in relation to QX relates to a consideration of amount, and as such does not fall within the jurisdiction of this Committee.

(AD28 (paragraphs 4-6)